The word marriage is derived from “MARRY” which literary means establishing a deep relation, becoming one, to join a man and a woman as a husband and wife. In different communities this ceremony is known by different names such as “Marriage” “Wedding” “Nikah” “Viah” “Shaadi” etc. In Sikhism this ceremony is called “Anand Karaj” means a function which provides bliss, delight and tranquility. Marriage is Anand Karaj because, two persons, a man and a woman are joined together to live holy life of peace, happiness and prosperity leading to the realization of Almighty Lord. This way the couple jointly walks the path which helps them to achieve mission of human life. Sikh Gurus had a very high regard for state of marriage and life of house holders and that is why all entered into matrimony. Marriage is the one of the most important responsibilities of mankind. Not to marry or to pledge celibacy has no religious significance. Such life styles do not make one holy person as claimed by some of them. Marriage even from a worldly perspective, is a natural function of human life.