How setup email filters in cPanel


Now let's learn how to set up an email filter click on the email filter then click on manage filter now you have to click on create a new filter in the new filter firstly you have to write the name here filter name then specify the rules now choose the action from when the filter contains the text click on a link to win a prize I will choose to discard a message that then the email is going to discard directly click on create button you have successfully created a new filter if you want to create another filter you have to return to the filter list if you want to create a new filter you have to click on create a new filter again if you want to modify something in this filter then you have to click on edit then you can modify here or if you want to delete the filter you have to click on delete then delete filter then the filter is going to be deleted now you know that how to create a filter in Cpanel Thanks for watching the video